Renaud Chabrier

drawing, movement and animation

Animated rock art

Peintures rupestres animées
envoyé par renaudchabrier. -

I created this animation for the scientific documentary "Spotlights on San paintings" (director Luc Ronat, a CNRS Images production).

The film relates how a team of French and South African scientists carried out the first campaign in South Africa to analyse rock paintings in situ using a Raman spectrometer. This technique makes it possible to identify the pigments used in the paintings, and to study their degree of conservation, without damaging them.
During the campaign, Luc Ronat filmed the same kind of Cape Elms that were drawn thousands years before on the rocks.

I was in charge of animating the transition between them.

(french/english version of the DVD can be pruchased here:

Here is a study drawn in Lille zoo (and not in South Africa, unfortunately):

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