Renaud Chabrier

drawing, movement and animation

Morphing-based animation

Morphing-based animation is very useful for the creation of transitions between different representations of an object.

For instance, animals figured in rock art can be animated so that they fit finally to the image of real ones.

Click here to watch the example

By this mean, the reconstitution process of a fossil and the motion of the complete animal can also be shown in a single movement, without complicated explanations.

The examples in the set "From fossils to animals" were created for french CNRS Images and Natural History Museum.

Click here to watch the examples

The set "Anatomical animations" shows moving skeletons. They were created to be shown near real skeletons in museums.

Click here to watch the examples

 This approach can be applicated to a wide diversity of topics and medias. Contact me for more informations.

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